Should you care what’s on your wrist?

Have you ever thought about what your watch says about you?

Regardless of whether you are a watch person or not, your watch actually says a lot about you.

Some people don’t even wear a watch and for those that do wear them, not all care about what they wear. That’s their individual choice and that’s fine.
In a world where there is endless choice of style, quality and price range, a watch can say a lot about the wearer.

If we take quality first, this varies incredibly and it doesn’t always follow the same curve the price does. For instance, a friend of mine bought an Apple Watch a month or two ago and he couldn’t wait to show it off to me. After all, it is perceived as a premium brand. It’s not a bad looking watch to be fair and if you are into Apple products, it’s more than likely on your “must have” list. I complemented it genuinely as it looked really well on him.

I saw him again 3 days ago and had a quick glance at his wrist. It didn’t look like a new watch any longer. It was in sleep mode and the glass had some very obvious scratches on it. I nodded at it and asked why he didn’t buy the option with Sapphire Crystal. He said he didn’t know what it was back then and only found out when he tried to return it. He also said it seemed like a big price increase for something that sounded like a gimmick. I didn’t dare ask how he felt now, armed with that knowledge. Not good I imagine now that he knows, and his friends and colleagues probably know, his premium watch isn’t that premium after all.

Yes, Sapphire Crystal is normally only found on expensive luxury brands because of its cost but I think that one must make sure it’s a given when buying a watch that you want to last more than a year or two. Why is it not included in the entry level Apple Watch? Why are there even levels in premium products? Toc will always use Sapphire Crystal because our glass should remain scratch free and always look as good as they do the first day you get one.

Style is an individual preference that doesn’t follow any particular guidelines. Some styles are loud and make a huge entrance but these are the ones that don’t last very long. Others are safe and very standard so much so that they just blend into the landscape and you barely notice them unless they have a luxury brand name associated to them.

My preferred style is simple and subtle in design but elegant and careful in execution. These styles don’t try to say too much and they don’t have too. Less is more and this is what makes this style my favourite.

Price says a lot also. Yes, it can say you have money and maybe lots of it but more importantly it can show your class and sophistication. Choosing a watch that fits your personality is key. If you want to stand up and be noticed you can do this by choosing a watch that suits the occasion and impact you want to have.

And yes, people do notice. That boss you are trying to impress probably notices more than you think. The more subtle the statement the bigger the impact in many cases.

Whatever the price you pay, the product needs to deliver value. In my opinion, it should have a mechanical movement, stainless steel and high-quality leather. It definitely should have sapphire crystal so that the glass remains scratch free and presents your elegant dial in the light it deserves.

This is what makes the statement from your wrist. It says, ‘I care, I care about value, about quality, about impact.’ It says, ‘I care about my hard earned (in my case anyway) money.’ It says, ‘I won’t accept anything less than what I deserve’ and you shouldn’t.

This speaks about more than just your watch. It says you care about how people see and treat you, you care about how you impact the world. And you should care, because every action is noticed and has an impact.

It’s time to make the correct statement, just say it with class.

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Written by Will, Toc Watch.

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