WHO WE ARE AND What we do

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I am Will and along with Max, we are the Founders of Toc Watch. We live and work in Dublin, Ireland. We are essentially two normal lads who have decided to chase a dream and not stop until we succeed.

We have worked together for the past 5 years and have invariably found ourselves talking about cool projects and business ideas that we would love to work on.

Finally in July 2016, deep in a discussion about what makes a great watch great, we said “enough talk, let’s just do it!” 

We dived into research on a topic we loved dearly. We had spent many lunches chatting about all the different watches we had dreamed about owning, some not so expensive and others ridiculously unattainable and now, driven by our determination to succeed, we were sure we could produce something beautiful.

Everything we both stand for is simple in its ideology but passionately executed. If you like it, do it. If it doesn’t please you, change it. If you want something, go for it.

We are not looking to reinvent the wheel or design a watch that will become the next fashion sensation. In fact, neither of us buy just because something is a designer label, we buy something simply because we like it or need it.

We want people to feel the same about our watches. Yes, we have chosen the best materials possible and we expect our watches to stand the test of time. Our design for the Toc19 is inspired by the Bauhaus era and we use an elegant hand wound movement for its simplicity.

This is the essence of Toc. We are all individuals capable of the simple and even the bold when needed and we are all unique in our own way. We want our watches to stand out, not because they follow any particular design, but more for the fact that they remain true to their design origins.

Our first watch, the Toc19, will be ready for Pre-Orders on the 26th of July on Kickstarter and we hope you like it enough to back us then.

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